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"Kid Astronaut" by Laura Knight

  • Children's Picture Book
  • ISBN#:  978-0692175699
  • For Ages:  7 - 10 years old
  • Language:  English
  • Genre:  Juvenile Science Fiction Comics, Juvenile Nonfiction, Children's Mystery, Children's Exploration Fiction, Space
  • Pages:  42
  • Features:  Real NASA Photography & Facts

The Story

It’s the year 2050, and scientists around the world are monitoring the planets in our solar system for signs of life. Dr. Gusgus, the Lead Scientist for the United States’ Agency 0-0-2, spends his days peering through the agency’s high-powered telescope, trying to decide whether to examine Jupiter, Mars or Mercury. Checking the telescope once again, Dr. Gusgus is stunned to discover activity on the surface of; as he watches, an alien spaceship approaches the red planet and slowly lands. 

He immediately contacts his counterparts from around the globe, and each one confirms the sighting. Now, what are they going to do? Should they launch a rocket and destroy the invader? Or send a Rover to study it? Or what if they send an astronaut to Mars?

This choice-based, science fiction story reads like a movie script and includes real NASA photos and facts! Find out what happens when a kid astronaut is recruited for a daring outer space mission in this amusing and interactive tale. Kid Astronaut is perfect for a home or school library. Read-a-loud as a group or adventure on your own! 

Connecting themes for educators:
Reader's Theater Script, real and make-believe, using creativity in life interests, scientific inventions, innovations, transportation, communication, social development: individual/group responsibility,
 problem solving and space exploration. 


Featured Book: Kid Astronaut -- Jedlie's Podcast "Reading with Your Kids"

AWARDS:   2018 Best Book Awards, "Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction" Finalist 


NASA Photography


Q&A with Kid Astronaut Author

Host: Mr Maze (YouTube)



Author: Laura Knight

> Creative Director, Author/Publisher
> Raised in Los Angeles CA, now living in Orange County
> Interests:  Surfing, Animals, Volunteering, Technology




Editor: Silvia Stewart


> Elementary school teacher with over 30 years experience​

> Masters in multicultural education

​> Best Trip:  Science Expedition to Antarctica

> Favorite Quote:  

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future." 


Book Reviews

 Darshan A. Meda, Aerospace Engineer 


Kid Astronaut encourages children to think about 'what's possible' in space travel. This book fosters the imagination through the characters' dialogue, shared knowledge and teamwork. This is a must read for children and families that love space adventure and learning!    

Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite


This is both an exciting science fiction story and a real-world introduction to astronomy and STEM sciences. Tucked in with the story about Dr. Gusgus and the Mars visitor are NASA Files which are chock-full of photographs of astronauts and scientists; rockets being launched or in their early stages of development; and discussions of the Outer Space Treaty which is a world-wide pact. 

I loved the interactive nature of this book which lets kids decide easy things like the color of a rocket or which planet to study as well as more difficult subjects like deciding whether to simply obliterate that visiting rocket ship or extend a hand in friendship. 

What a great book to get kids excited about science and STEM subjects in a painless and entertaining fashion. Adults who share this book with kids will enjoy the parallels they'll find in the old science fiction movies of the '60s and will no doubt love seeing those amazing archival photos of NASA astronauts in action... This book is awesome in so many ways! Kid Astronaut is most highly recommended.